Pack Includes:

  • • 100+ Authentic VHS Textures (mov & mp4)
  • • Varying levels of grains
    • • Pre-keyed VHS Details (Pro-res 422 Codec)
    • • High end CRT captures
    • • Authentic VHS 4:3 ratio (1440x1080)
    • • Easy to use drag & drop files
    • • Compatible with all major video editing software

Easy to use!

  • These easy to use, drag and drop files are designed to be utilized by creatives of all skill levels; from the seasoned professional to the casual editor.
  • Elements are compatible with all major video editing software

100+ Assets

  • This pack contains over 100 high quality, authentic VHS texture clips perfect for recreating the VHS look in seconds.


All files were captured from authentic VHS and Hi8 Tapes and professionally upcaled to 1440x1080px.

A section of elements were streamed through medical grade CRT monitors, captured in 4k and scaled to authentic VHS dimensions.


How it works?

  • Step one - When you purchase, your files are automatically, instantly sent to you email for you to Download.
  • Step two - You can now easily drag & drop your files into your project and combine with your footage for the authentic VHS look.
  • Step three - Enhance your projects and show off the results with your friends, family, clients, etc

Check out the trailer video below

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